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Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

We take pride in our pool cleaning service and ensure that your pool is crystal clear all year. Easy monthly payments and there is no contracts with us. We maintain your pool and balance your chemicals as well as checking on your equipment and noting any repairs or additional maintenance that may be needed. Has anything happened to make your pool green and unclean, call us now and take advantage of our Green to Clean guarantee!

Commercial Pool Cleaning

Commercial swimming areas require the highest level of maintenance and water quality care of any type. Our commercial water management service allows us to constantly monitor and adjust chemicals for optimum water quality. We ensure that the pools are kept in top shape and are a healthy environment for your patrons. A lack of proper commercial water maintenance can open the facility to health risks to swimmers and liability if your guests become ill. Commercial pool repair is an ongoing necessary activity. Major remodeling will be required periodically but continuing scheduled maintenance of the deck, steps, ladders, filter, pump and tile will keep the water and area looking new and welcoming for swimmers.

If commercial repair is not kept up with it also opens the company to liability and potential lawsuits if swimmers are injured while using the hotel, condominium, municipalities’, or resorts facility.

Pool Repair

Like everything in life, including your body. If you do not look after it, then you will not get the best out of it. This is exactly the same with your pool and its equipment. Pumps, piping and all sorts of small attachments can and will become worn over time. If you want to save money in the long run, it is important that you keep you pool repaired when needed. Fortunately, many pool repairs are pretty easy and do not meet mass investment, which is a welcome truth for the home owner or business owner. We make a point to ensure that we are honest in terms

Pool Safety

Pool safety is of the utmost importance, especially when you have a young family. Whether you are in a commercial pool or at home, there can be inherent dangers if the relevant safety precautions are not taken. Drain covers may not be covered properly, the pool decking may be slippery from spillage or if there is really young children, lack of safety nets and barriers can pose a risk if the pool is not supervised.

We take this aspect of our work very seriously and our pool safety experts will analyze your home or commercial pool. We will make recommendations of the proper safety procedures to take and can have these employed with immediate effect.