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Welcome To The Pool Guy Service Hunters Creek and Kissimmee

  Whether you are new to pool ownership or a life long water lover.  Living in Central Florida provides the perfect climate for having a fantastic swimming experience year round. Our experienced team provides pool owners with exceptional quality that will have your neighbors asking  “Whats your secret?” Please Note: All Repairs and Resurfacing work is carried out by licensed contractors.

Pool Cleaning

Our qualified and licensed pool cleaners are here to take away the headache of keeping your pool clean and safe to use. We take particular pride in being able to keep your pool in top shape and even clean it where others have failed.

Pool Repair

Many pool repairs can be carried out inexpensively and some pool companies will over-estimate something that is fairly simple. We believe in giving you a real honest appraisal of the work and the cost – after all, we want you as a long term client not short term cash.

Pool Safety

Our top priority is your safety and of course, should you have children, your child’s safety. With that in mind, we pay particular attention to pool safety and have quality pool covers and pool safety systems to help keep your child safe when near or in the pool.

Commercial Pools

We also specialize in commercial pool cleaning and have the experience and professionalism to help make sure your patrons are safe and your clean is working to optimum levels. It is our priority to ensure we offer top quality pool service to our commercial clientele.

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Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Orlando

Keeping your pool clean and Maintained


Neil Owner Pool Guy

I have been working in the pool industry for many years and unlike other pool companies in Hunters Creek and Kissimmee, I have a passion for health and safety and have brought this dedication and knowledge to my company. When someone calls on a pool company, there is an expectation on the level of service and when problems arise, normally the company only fixes the superficial issue. I take pride in being thorough and investigating all aspects of the pool and its equipment to bring a satisfactory conclusion to any problem. Furthermore, I would not want to swim in a dirty pool and I do not expect you to want that either. Therefore, I treat every pool cleaning with dedication and top quality pool cleaning service.

These Guys Know Their Stuff

“We have had a number of pool cleaning companies and most of them have good talk but can’t walk the walk. We had pump issues, circulation issues, escaping air and stains. Niel was able to fix everything within a couple of days and over a few weeks lifted all stains. We have a crystal clear and safe pool. We recently had family visiting and they were never out the pool and remarked how clean and awesome it was. Thank you Niel, you truly are – The Pool Guy!”


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